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Eternal healing hypnosis

Heléne McGinn CHt

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Hypnosis Practitioner

Registered Member of the International

Hypnosis Federation

Trained by Dr. Yvonne Oswald PH.D., best selling author and ranked #3 as a world-renowned guru at the leading edge of Human Behavioral Technology. Her development of unique techniques in changing negative self-talk and DNA Transformation, and her pioneering process of clearing a negative emotion in less than a minute have helped thousands of people break free from the shackles of their emotions.


I am proud to be a graduate of her training programmes and utilize her teachings to help others live their best lives. The positive changes I see in my clients after a breakthrough session are profound and life-changing. It brings me great joy to do this wonderful work.

Embrace Harmony
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Our minds are incredibly powerful- every word we speak has the power to change our environment and every thought has the capacity to change our world in its entirety.

Imagine a world where emotions and thought can be harnessed to empower and create the life you've always dreamt about. 

Hypnosis clears all the self-limiting beliefs, negative emotions and events from your life, to give you a clean slate to start building a more positive, and loving life. 

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How it works
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Hypnosis is an awake state, facilitated by a practitioner to guide you into an Alpha or Theta state of consciousness where all the magic happens.

Before we are seven years old, we receive 150 000 negative responses, forming all the self-limiting beliefs and filters that hinder us from reaching our full potential and really connecting to Source. 

The unconscious mind is our direct doorway to God, Source, Universe, or Collective Conscious. We use hypnosis to clear all the filters created so long ago and connect to Source energy.

When we experience moments of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression or other low-energy emotions, it is our unconscious mind asking us to have a conversation, to deal with what needs to be dealt with and clear our filters. How many of us are listening to these requests for help from our unconscious? When we start feeling dis-ease, we notice something is amiss - lower vibrational emotions need to be cleared. It is not uncommon for many with idiopathic ailments to find relief after their hypnosis journey, however as a hypnosis practitioner, I cannot diagnose, treat or claim to cure any dis-ease. This is an incredibly personal spiritual journey, into a new 5D world, a utopia filled with love, compassion, freedom, abundance and utmost joy. It's a journey we all have to make - but the choice is ours in how we do it. Hypnosis provides an easy, quick and highly effective process to release fears, phobias, negative emotions, traumas and more.

Is it safe?

All hypnosis is in fact self-hypnosis. A good hypnosis practitioner is your guide or facilitator on this inner exploratory journey, helping you purge old emotions, self-limiting beliefs, trauma and anything else that may be holding you back in your life. You do all the work. Your unconscious mind's prime directive is survival of the body, so you won't do anything that you won't normally do in your daily waking life. You are in complete control the entire time, with your practitioner guiding you into deep levels of relaxation, where we can uncover and release what does not serve you anymore. 


Enjoy a life-changing one-on-one breakthrough session where we address deep underlying or trapped emotions that are keeping you from living your best life. Clear fears, phobias, anxiety and depression easily with this deep intervention.

What are breakthrough sessions for:

  • weight release

  • smoking cessation

  • prosperity

  • relationships

  • self-worth

  • emotions release - anger, sadness, fear, guilt

  • trauma release

  • fears, phobias

  • self-limiting beliefs

As you release negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt and eliminate limiting decisions, feel and see how your life changes before your eyes. Breakthrough, learn about your deepest values to reveal the authentic, powerful you and increase your self-esteem and confidence quickly and easily.

How It Works
Is It Safe?

I practice energy philanthropy. Find out more bout this here

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