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Your donation ensures that I can continue doing the work I do, helping people affected by trauma, depression, anxiety and behavioural problems free of charge. Energy philanthropy is the way we change the world we live in, knowing that we will be taken care of and giving with an open heart without expectation. It creates a world of abundance, prosperity, synchronicities and love. It doesn't matter how much we give, it matters that we do. I end every day with the question - what did I do for humanity today? It brings joy and opportunities into my life I never thought possible. Thank you for your contribution- this is how we bring change to the world...


donate once-off

There are two options, should you wish to donate. The once-off donation, is self-explanatory, meant for those who received services once and wish to donate in return. 


donate monthly

Donating monthly is a great way to pay it forward, allowing me to see more people without having to charge a fee. For individuals who wish to use my services sporadically, more than once, this is a way to ensure I can be available for more impromptu sessions free of charge.  



If you are having difficulty paying on the provided form, you can still donate by e-transfer to Kindly state DONATION on the transfer. 

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I practice energy philanthropy meaning my services are free of charge but clients have the option to make a donation for the services received. Market value of services is approximately $600.

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Your donation assists me in doing hypnosis for free and lets me help as many people affected by trauma as possible.

Donations are Currently Accepted Via  

INTERAC e-Transfer


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