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Energy Philanthropy

Energy Philanthropy is the act of giving without expecting anything in return. I offer my services without the expectation of receiving any money in return for it, however, you have the option to donate, if you so wish. There is no obligation or expectation on your part to donate anything. This way, free will can be expressed without limitation - the client's unconscious mind can easily let go of what doesn't serve it without monetary concerns and I know I helped without interfering with free will. Donations give me the ability to continue doing this work freely and help as many people as possible.

White Pillars


We are in a magnificent period of humanity's growth and awareness of consciousness. There is nothing more important right now than reaching and helping as many souls as possible to bring about a better, more beautiful world. My work is for the love of humanity and all the souls who need it and want it. The more people I can help, the closer I am to fulfilling my purpose in this lifetime.

Energy Philanthropy
Mission Statement


I can see a glorious world waiting for us to embrace it. Filled with unconditional love, freedom and happiness, HOWEVER, we have to create this to see it. For many, this would seem out of reach, or rather contrary to what they know because they have so much unreleased trauma and hardships in their lives. I was one of those people- I used hypnosis to heal and become a healer myself. I'm here to help everyone who wants to live in heaven on earth, even when it seems the entire world is on fire. I see the most wonderful place for us all, filled with abundance and prosperity when we can let go of what no longer serves us and live lives filled with joy.

Image by Belinda Fewings
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