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Can hypnosis help with your health?

For many years, hypnosis was used on stages to show people how powerful the mind is. Even today, you can watch stage shows of famous hypnotists who make people believe they are eating the sweetest apples while they are in fact actually eating an onion. If you've never seen one and ever get the opportunity to do so, I highly recommend it, as it is a fun show with hilarious results. Even though we use hypnosis for different reasons than a stage show, the principle is the same - your mind is INCREDIBLE. If you are able to convince your mind that you are eating an apple while munching your way through an onion - what else would you be able to achieve with the right suggestions for your life?

Aside from the power of suggestion, research by Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer, found that in his 20 000 cancer patients he examined, they all had an unresolved pshycho-emotional conflict a few years or even 6 months before the onset of their disease. Dr. Geerd used X-rays taken of the brain and found shadows or dark spots which were in the exact same place for the same type of cancer for all of his patients. He found a 100% correlation between the location of the cancer in the body, the type of unresolved conflict and the dark spot on the brain. After incorporating psychotherapy and hypnosis to resolve the specific emotional trauma to his healing practices, he found that the cancer stopped growing at a cellular level and the dark spots on the brain started to disappear. Dr. Hamer concluded that the root cause of cancer and other diseases is a traumatic emotional shock for which we are unprepared.

A good example is pancreatic cancer, which we believe is tied to anxiety, anger, conflicts within the family including inheritance issues and relationship trauma. Thinking back to the few people I have known who died of pancreatic cancer, I can certainly vouch that all of these events had occurred in their lives prior to their illnesses AND they were emotionally incapable of dealing with them. Had I been a Hypnosis Practitioner back then, I certainly would have offered my service to them as a complementary modality to their choice of treatment. However, the caveat is that for hypnosis to work, you would have to be open to the concept, which they definitely weren't. We cannot make anyone WANT to make the changes, we can only help them make the changes once they have decided to do so.

We cannot say that hypnosis alone can cure diseases, even if this has been true for me in so many aspects of my life. Can hypnosis provide a clear, positive mindset to achieve more in our health, wealth and relationships - ABSOLUTELY.

Just imagine what you can achieve...

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