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Spirituality, science and hypnosis - you found me for a reason...

When I first started my hypnosis practice, it was because I found hypnosis to be a fantastic tool we can utilize in our everyday lives to feel better, do better and be better - not only mentally, but physically as well. And, I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. Since then, so much has changed...

I receive around 25 to 50 leads per day from a marketing platform as well as from my website. I can't connect with everyone, so I developed a spiritual practice around my business. Every day, I request my Spirit Guides to send me those clients who can most benefit from what I have to offer. Those that contact me from my website have established themselves to be at the top of this list, as I now understand that they were drawn here for this very reason. As for the other leads that I have to contact, I have tested this many times and found those I contact under the guidance of my guides, turned out to be people who I was really able to help in the most significant ways, or who also asked their spiritual guides for help. Adversely, when I don't listen and just plough ahead, the calls either won't connect, I only get to voicemails, or they are actually not really interested in my services anyway.

There is no denying that we are undergoing a shift in consciousness on this planet. For many, it feels like they are losing their minds as the world seems to be falling apart. It is in these cases, where the realization that our beneficial meeting was by divine intervention, that the biggest and most profound internal changes start to occur. If you are reading this blog, or you have found my website or my ads happen to catch your attention, it is NOT by accident or coincidence. Rather, it is a culmination of how I request clients from the "Universe", "Source", "God" (or your spiritual equivalent) and your request from the "Universe", "God", or "Source" for assistance in whatever you are currently facing that may be giving you a hard time.

Some people I help are not spiritual and say they didn't exactly "ask" for divine help, yet here I am helping them create a better state for themselves - and this is where I believe science and spirituality meet. The mere fact that we are in contact can be explained within the quantum structure, regardless of whether you are spiritual or not. We have been so conditioned to believe one thing over another that we have forgotten how powerful we are when we leave space for exploration within ourselves, rather than just following external messaging.

There is space for science and spirituality when you opt for hypnosis as a modality for mental health. To me, it's the best of both worlds...

For a free phone evaluation, visit or call or text 905-351-9872.

Heléne McGinn CHt

Call: 905-351-9872

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