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Staying Calm Throughout Chaos With Hypnosis

When we think about the past 2 years, it is sometimes unbelievable how much we have endured. On one side of the coin, many people had to slow down, work from home, or stopped working altogether. And on the other, many worked in conditions that were suboptimal under increased pressure. On both sides, there were losses - of income, loved ones, freedoms, and many cases mental health. We have been torn from our usual routines, get-togethers and social interactions, having to renegotiate many social agreements or cut loose the ones that were not beneficial to us anymore.

Although it is never easy to go through these changes or events, I do believe that we have been given a gift. The gift of being pushed to find new ways, new people, new opportunities. How many people would have made these uncomfortable decisions if they weren't forced to do so?

In my practice, I now see more people than ever who are looking for ways to free themselves from the shackles of their old patterns and behaviours. Free themselves from toxic relationships, old belief systems and low vibrational emotions. And let me just say, once they are done with the hypnosis breakthrough session, everything is different. When you don't see the world through dirty lenses anymore, it can be an amazingly beautiful place filled with love, excitement and joy!

When you apply all the techniques learnt in the session consistently as part of your self-care, you find how much easier it is to cope with less than ideal situations, see the bright side of each event and create the life you really want. Others may note that you are different, and you may yet again need to reevaluate who you surround yourself with. These are all good things that bring about a happy soul, aligned with its purpose and true to itself once again.

After so many traumatic events, heartache and less than optimal situations in my younger days, I now cannot imagine life without hypnosis anymore. It is my tether to self, to Spirit and an amazing, exciting, wonderful life filled with so much gratitude and love that I can hardly contain myself. I want the world to learn this, and experience the wonders of the unconscious mind so they too can all have the life of their dreams.

If you are interested in doing a breakthrough session or want more information about it, contact me by email at, or complete the form for a free phone evaluation at You can also call or text me at 905-351-9872. I'm here to help and can't wait to see you!

Heléne McGinn CHt

Phone : 905-351-9872

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