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MOST VALUED SERVICE: Breakthrough session:

Enjoy a life-changing one-on-one breakthrough session where we address deep underlying or trapped emotions that are keeping you from living your best life. Clear fears, phobias, anxiety and depression easily with this deep intervention.

What are breakthrough sessions for:

  • weight release

  • smoking cessation

  • prosperity

  • relationships

  • self-worth

  • emotions

  • self-limiting beliefs

  • fears and phobias

As you release negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt and eliminate limiting decisions, feel how your life changes before your eyes. Breakthrough, learn about your deepest values to reveal the authentic, powerful you and increase your self-esteem and confidence quickly and easily.

See ALL services below:

Breakthrough Session -

Change your life with this one-on-one session

Do you feel like the world is on your shoulders, or that you just don't know how to move forward? Is your past haunting you, or your current life experiences unfulfilling? Have you dealt with all your trauma, or are you just not feeling quite yourself and don't understand why? Are you religious or spiritual and having a tough time lately?

This deep intervention clears fears, phobias, anxiety and depression easily and quickly. Find out what is holding you back, deal with the past easily and effectively, learn new ways to cope and THRIVE.

If you want to know more, or just want a chat to see how I can help, call 905-351-9872 or if you know that this is what you need book online today.

Weight Release

Discover the reasons for overeating, binge-eating and other food-related issues that stem from unresolved emotions. Find the root cause and address it with practical and manageable steps.


Start your new life today...  

Smoking Cessation

Find the root cause of your habits and learn new methods to change the behaviour. Release the emotional ties that bound you to the behaviour in the first place with this one-on-one hypnosis session.

Relationships, self-worth, prosperity

An umbrella of discovery into relationships, self-worth & prosperity

Our happiness is intricately tied to our career, relationships and self-worth. Discover why certain aspects are not working for you while others are and how to create a positive balance, release negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs.


past life regression

Past life regression hypnosis is an effective tool when you are experiencing dreams or memories that don't seem to be your own. For some, traumatic "memories" or dreams could be residual effects or karma of a past life that needs to be cleared in order to fully live in the present.

This is an exploratory journey into family relationships, karmic debt and the clearing of unresolved emotional blockages. 

sports performance

Professional athletes use every mental tool they can get to achieve mental clarity and focus. Having a mental "block" interfering with breaking through personal records, sometimes after injury, can impede an athlete's peak performance.

Use hypnosis to determine and clear the mental blocks and create new pathways to reach specific sports goals.

Sports an pst lif

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