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I LOVE hearing back from clients! Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone's life has been changed by the work I do. Here is what some of them have to say:

christina h

“I reached out to Heléne McGinn of 

Eternal Healing Hypnosis as our paths were meant to cross and she was there for me in my desperate need for help! 

Heléne has a way of making you feel very comfortable through this life changing experience! I would definitely recommend her heartfelt services to anyone in need of moving forward in a happier healthier way with the understanding of how to get there!

This was a wonderful inner/outer body experience that immediately changes one’s direction for the good! 

Take a step forward to helping yourself and finding that light of calm and true happiness! 

Let Heléne be your guide!

So very grateful our paths crossed 

Thank you" 

"I had an incredible experience with Heléne! I have been able to let go of many limiting beliefs that have been holding me back.


When reflecting on past experiences, they have been dissolved of their charge to a neutral feeling, quite spectacular! I feel much more empowered after sessions with Heléne and am very grateful for her skills."

renee g


"Thanks to Heléne I have improved my performance in powerlifting to increase my maximum lifts tremendously. Heléne helped me laser in before each lift and mentally focus me to ensure I can get into a focused frame of mind to maximize the lift, which helps me focus much better than ever before and ignore distractions to the point that I don't see or hear anything not related to the lift. I have been a lifter for over 20 years, I have never had such a focused positive change in only one session in all my years as a lifter.

Thank you, Heléne"

Jason M

"Helene is an amazing person and healer. Helene did a breakthrough for me in October and I have seen an amazing difference in my life, most especially in my physical health. Helene and I trained together and I am beyond blessed to have had her work on me using her own style. She approaches her clients with compassion and has a beautiful and loving energy to her. I would recommend Helene to anyone!"

Stephanie G




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