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Into the Ocean


After 36 years of unaddressed continuous trauma and searching for help in various disciplines of mainstream medicine (without any resolve), I realized that healing takes place from within. And so the search for truth and love guided me towards alternative modalities, including meditation, NLP and hypnosis. 


By "happenstance" or what I now refer to as destiny, I found Dr. Yvonne Oswald, a world-renowned author and Master Hypnosis practitioner- only a few kilometres from where I stayed. At the time I felt incredibly "lucky" that the only person I felt matched with for my journey, was available and close to me. But "luck", it certainly wasn't...

Little did I know, that this was the first step in becoming a Master NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner myself, trained by my now good friend, Dr. Yvonne Oswald. Her teachings and unique methods create profound positive changes to people's lives and now I get to share her vision in helping as many people as possible bring peace, harmony and joy back into their lives. 

It is my wish that one day, everyone can feel happy, loved and accepted for who they are - not by others, but by themselves because that's where the healing starts and ends. When we can love ourselves, everything else falls into place.

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Eternal Healing Hypnosis
Heléne McGinn MNLP, CHt
Call or text: 786-214-9164

Registered Member of the International Hypnosis Federation

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